Blogging about blogging – metablog!

I’m going to blog about my blogging journey (does that sound like I’m swearing?)

On deciding to enter the world of blogging, I have suddenly remembered that I am a technophobe.  This doesn’t bode well for setting up a website and blogging.  Facebook is about all I can manage and have managed since 2009.  Before that … nothing!  So typically me, I got very enthusiastic – told my husband, my children and my dog that I was going to be a blogger!  Yeah, ok so it was straight away pointed out to me that blogging is sooooo yesterday and I should be vlogging.  Well I don’t like the sound of my voice so blogging it is.

Step one complete, I moved onto step two – asking for blogging/website recommendations.  A couple of strangers on the internet seemed happy with WordPress and more importantly, assured me it was easy.  In my usual overenthusiastic style, I immediately signed up for it.  The website took my money and gave me lots of helpful instructions.  Well they would have been helpful, if I could have slowed my brain down, but suddenly I hit panic mode.  I read half a sentence and then jumped onto the next paragraph.  I read the first and last line of that paragraph but didn’t understand so I clicked on another link.  Within minutes I’d read part of everything the site had to offer and understood nothing.  Luckily, I remembered I hadn’t had a cup of coffee for several hours, or for at least half an hour so I shut down the computer and made myself a cuppa.  I’ll have another look at WordPress later.  When I’m calm…

The irony is I can’t post this, my very first blog, because I don’t know how to ☹

Psst … has it worked?20170701_120720

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