Visits and Education

wordcloudRachel Coverdale is currently available for educational visits to schools and groups on Wednesdays, weekends, evenings and school holidays:

Literacy Across The Curriculum – Professional Development for Teachers

A fun and informative two hour session, exploring the literacy requirements and responsibilities in all subjects. Easy, innovative ways to integrate literacy effectively, to improve student performance and progress.

GCSE English Language and English Literature Booster Classes – Year 11s

Exam techniques, revision tips and interactive games to improve exam success. Ideal for those border line students but can be adapted for any ability. Measurable progress, suitable for PPG evidence.

Persuasive Writing for Business – How To Captivate Your Audience

Can you remember those persuasive writing techniques you were taught at school? Was one to start with a rhetorical question? Was another the rule of three? I will help you make sense of what you’ve learnt and what you’ve forgotten. Sorting the exam techniques from the real life situation of persuading people to use your business.

Who Hides Here? – Exploring Nature with Pre-School / Nursery Children

Exploring is a natural development of children’s curiosity and how they learn and develop their cognitive skills. Children will learn about the footprints animals leave in their gardens, make up stories about animals, pretend to be the animals and finally make special homes for them to encourage them into their own gardens, their setting or the local park.