Visits and Education

wordcloudDrawing from her experience as a childminder and an English teacher as well as an author, Rachel Coverdale is able to offer educational visits to primary schools, secondary schools, staff training and groups.

Who Hides Here? – Exploring Nature with Pre-School / Nursery / Reception Children

Based on the “Who Hides Here?” Footprints books, children will take part in a fun half-hour interactive presentation, teaching them about animals who visit their garden.

Workshops also available.

The Boy Who Couldn’t – Inspiring Reading for Pleasure for KS2 / KS3

A lively and engaging one-hour presentation demonstrating the importance of reading and why books are better than films.

Creative writing workshops also available.

Literacy Across The Curriculum – Professional Development for Teachers

A fun and informative two-hour session, exploring the literacy requirements and responsibilities in all subjects. Easy, innovative ways to integrate literacy effectively, to improve student performance and progress.

Persuasive Writing for Business – How To Captivate Your Audience

Can you remember those persuasive writing techniques you were taught at school? Was one to start with a rhetorical question? Was another the rule of three? I will help you make sense of what you’ve learnt and what you’ve forgotten. Sorting the exam techniques from the real life situation of persuading people to use your business.