The Boy Who Couldn’t

TBWC Full print cover

“It’s really made me think. Next time someone’s being horrible, I’m going to think about why they feel like that before I get angry at them.” SW (aged 14)

“The Boy Who Couldn’t is an excellent book about the difference friendship and family can make to one’s life. It offers drama, tension, thrills and compassion. It teaches children that they are not defined by their past and circumstances, but by who they want to be and the content of their character.
A great read that makes you feel and care for the all characters, humans and animals alike.
The final act of the book is such an exciting read and you won’t stop until the conclusion.” MR (Amazon customer)

“A good interesting read, which highlights the problems in a fictional story. Raising the awareness of the problems that Badgers face through persecution, and shows the need to educate, to tackle the cruelty today”
Craig Fellowes, Badger Trust Training Coordinator