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Rachel has delivered some outstanding Literacy training for trainee teachers at the North East Schools Teaching Alliance based at Nunthorpe Academy.

Her sessions are always informative, useful, well-resourced and thoroughly engaging. She uses a mix of well planned activities, many practical in nature. Her open, relaxed style holds the attention and she always provides a range of useful strategies which can be applied in the classroom. Rachel is incredibly knowledgeable and she effectively shares that knowledge in her sessions as well as willingly providing help and support to trainees who need it further down the line.

Thank you, Rachel, for all your hard work and dedication to improve the Literacy of our students, our trainees and all of our teachers. With each session you inspire us to do this better! I can happily recommend Rachel to you for any Literacy / English based training.

Nicki Smith

Assistant Vice Principal – North East Schools Teaching Alliance

Women Leading in Education North East Regional Network Lead

N Smith, North East Schools Teaching Alliance

TBWC Book Cover

“It’s really made me think. Next time someone’s being horrible, I’m going to think about why they feel like that before I get angry at them.” SW (aged 14)

“A good interesting read, which highlights the problems in a fictional story. Raising the awareness of the problems that Badgers face through persecution, and shows the need to educate, to tackle the cruelty today”
Craig Fellowes, Badger Trust Training Coordinator

The Boy Who Couldn’t

Capture cover

“Beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated, a joy to read to little ones, I can’t wait for the next one!” Madpants (Amazon customer)

Who Hides Here? Footprints In The Garden